Marksmanship Team

Cost: None

Tryouts: September

OIC:  Capt Mohammed

Location: 7150 Mississauga Rd

Tryouts for this team are in the fall of each year. The team consists of 2 Junior shooters (Ages 12-14) and 3 Senior shooters (Ages 15-18). There are 5 members per team plus alternates. The team selected from the 2824 will compete at zone shoots throughout the year.

Orienteering Team

Cost: None

Tryouts: September

OIC: Capt. N Dearing

The orienteering is the sport of navigating over unfamiliar terrain with map and compass with the goal of completing the course in the shortest time.

There will be weekend practices where we will practice map reading as well as hiking through different terrain to train cadets in identifying hills, cliffs, trails and using that to their advantage when competing on the course.

This team will be selected in September and will compete at the zone and regional levels.

Drill Team

Cost: None

Tryouts: September (Start of training year)

OIC: Capt Hintzen

Location: 180 Derry Rd East

Time: Tuesdays from 7:00 to 9:00

The 2824 Cadet Organization Police School’s Drill Team is a volunteer unit that has been in service since the unit’s inception. The main duties of the unit are the representation of the Corp and the Cadet Movement at community functions, parades and competitions.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

Prerequisite: None

Cost: $35

Opens: September


The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a world wide program to encourage young adults aged 14 to 25 to challenge and improve themselves with more than 15,000 young Canadians participating. While this program is run world wide and is not affiliated with the Royal Canadian Amy Cadets, like most corps, 2824 C.O.P.S strongly supports the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award and encourage all cadets to participate in the program.

Military Band

Cost: None

Opens: September

OIC: Lt. Wegner and CI Stewart

Location: 7150 Mississauga Rd

Time: Wednesdays from 6:45 to 9:00

Our band is a military marching band with a full range of brass,  wood, and percussion instruments. The band is a key component of the Corps and plays at all regular Wednesday night parades as well as marching parades in the community such as Remembrance Day and Santa Claus Parade.

Cadets in the band are able to apply for summer band camps to enhance their playing abilities. Cadets with good playing skills are selected from all Corps in across Central Region.

If you play an instrument or would like to learn to play one, this may be your opportunity.