The cadet summer training program is designed to augment cadets’ training from their home corps and squadrons. It offers concentrated training in organizational, recreational, career-related, instructional and leadership knowledge to prepare young people for advanced responsibility and leadership roles, through a dynamic learning program infused with a variety of transferable life skills.

An applicant must first be a member in good standing of a local corps or squadron, prior to Jan 1 of the training year in which he or she wishes to attend summer training.

Final selections for summer training are based on individual cadet merit, commanding officers’ recommendations, corps or squadron requirements, nationally-set quotas and available facilities. Competition for the more senior courses tends to be more intense due to the longer course duration and increased expectations of those recommended for training.

The candidate selection process is generally completed by mid-April of the year in which training is delivered. Candidates are advised of their appointments through their chain of command.

Summer Training Registeration and Load List