EX Canadian Ranger will be a weekend exercise consisting of Fieldcraft and Marksmanship performance objectives from October 28 – 30 2016.

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We parade Monday Nights from 6:45 pm to 9:15 pm, during the school year (September to June), at three different locations across the City of Mississauga.

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  2824 RCAC Yearly Training Plan    Training Plan 2016-2017-final



2824 RCAC THE THUNDERBIRD MARCHATHON and 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge Parade at Mississauga City Hall Celebration Square

Funds raised

Capt Nicole Dearing: $100

Lt Paul Mohammed: $25

Anthony Lam - Capt Paul Mohammed: $50

Megan Jones - Capt Paul Mohammed: $30

Ms Clarke - Sgt Grace-Anne Clarke: $200

Ms Clarke - MCpl MCpl Clarke: $200

Ms Clarke - LCpl Benjamin Clarke: $200

Adrian Giberson - 2Lt Adrian Giberson: $100

Mr. Guang Zheng - MCpl Michael Zheng: $100

Mrs. Niloufer Bhesania - LCpl Bhesania Poras : $125

Mr. Yunliang JI - LCpl Yuhao JI : $25

Mrs. Ann Seurattan - LCpl Seurattan : $150

Mrs. Prestina Li - Cpl Sheldon Li : $100

Anonymous - Capt Mohammed : $125

Capt Mohammed - Capt Mohammed : $25

QOR Maxymilian Olszewski - Capt Mohammed : $30

Craig Dickie - All Cadet 2824 RCAC : $1000

Capt John Cole - Cadet Cole : $100

CV K. Cooper - Cadet C. Cooper : $100

Anonymous - All Cadet 2824 RCAC : $150

Chrisopher Katalemwa - Sgt Anna Sekyewa : $100

Mr. John Soares - Cpl Zander Maharaj : $200

Anonymous - Sgt Anna Sekewa : $15

Anonymous - Cadet Jonathan Sekewa : $15

Mrs. Patricia Chiasoon - MCpl Chiasoon : $180

Denis Semwogerere - All Cadets : $25

Mr. Matthew Kasujja - Sgt Anna Sekewa : $25

Mr. Matthew Kasujja - Cadet Jonathan Sekewa : $25

Mr. Rauf Hassan - All Cadet : $50

Lt E. Wegner - All Cadet : $100

COPS Board of Directors Mr. R.J. (Bob) Smith - All Cadet : $50

COPS Board of Directors Mr. R.J. (Bob) Smith MCpl R. Green- : $50

Mr. Matthew Mendes Cpl W. Mendes- : $50

Maxine Rukundo : $25

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2824 RC(Army)CC will be conducted EX CANADIAN RANGER as follow(s):   EXERCISE NAME:  EX CANADIAN RANGER TYPE OF EXERCISE: Fieldcraft / Bushcraft LOCATION: CFB Borden / CTC Blackdown TRANSPORT:  Bussing will be provided DRESS:    As per the kit list   Exercise Start Date: Friday 28 October 2016 Exercise Time: 1800 hours (6pm) Exercise Drop Off Location: 180 Derry Rd. E Mississauga ON Admin: MUST HAVE HEALTH CARD   Exercise End Date: Sunday 30 October 2016 Exercise End Time: 1500 hours (3pm) Exercise Pickup Location: 180 Derry Rd. E Mississauga ON   EX CANADIAN RANGER  will consist of  fieldcraft performance objectives and marksmanship performance objectives. Cadets will register -HERE- Kit List -HERE- Thank you, Capt N.K. Dearing    

EX PEAK to PEAK (Adventure Run)

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GENERAL INSTRUCTION.   EXERCISE PEAK to PEAK 2016 .   SITUATION.   MISSION:  EXERCISE PEAK to PEAK 2016 (EX PP’16) will be a 2 hour outdoor orienteering adventure race in HAMILTON, ON on Sunday 23th October 2016 maximum of 80 cadets. 2824 RCAC will conduct EX PP’16 rain or shine. EXECUTION.   Concept of Operations.     (1)        Commanding Officer’s Intent.  It is my intent to develop a skilled orienteering team over the course of four civilian competitions (comp). These civilian comps will consist of Cadets from the Corps and will be known as the 2824 Adventure Racing Team (ART). The top 8 Cadets from the civilian comp will comprise the 2824 RCAC Orient Team for COA and Regional Cadet Orienteering Comp. I have full confidence in their abilities to achieve podium standard at COA and REG Orient.  EX PP’16...

Remembrance Day

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2824 RCAC will participate in the Remembrance Day Parade as detailed below:  Date  Friday 11 November 2016  Pick Up Time 0830 hours  Pick Up Location for Cadets and Junior Cadets A Coy:          No transport provided    Meet at Branch 101 Legion Bravo, Charlie Coy & Jr Cadets:         180 Derry Rd  Remembrance Day Pde Location Royal Canadian Legion Branch 101 3850 Lakeshore Blvd. West. Toronto Ontario M8W 1R3 Dress Full Dress Uniform or White Dress Shirt and Black Dress Pants Dress Warm – Gloves  Lunch Pizza  Return Time 1300 hours – 1pm  Return location A Coy: No transport provided Bravo, Charlie Coy & Jr Cadets: 180 Derry Rd Remembrance Day Letter for School Remembrance Day letter 2016  Registration – click here –http://fluidsurveys.com/s/remembranceday/  


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2824 RC(Army)CC C.O.P.S. will be conducting EXERCISE CREEPING BARRAGE on Sunday 09 April 2017.     This Exercise will consist of The Thunderbird Marchathon ending at Mississauga City Hall and a ceremonial parade at Celebration Square to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge.   Cadets who raise the most funds will be nominated for parade positions and/or ceremonial duties during the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge Parade. In addition, for each $100 raised by Cadet they will receive a Para-Cord (Thunderbird Survival bracelet). Bracelet has been authorized to be worn in conjunction with both the Cadet Dress and Field Training Uniforms.     Please type "2824 RCACC-CADETS NAME" in Your Personal Message box below so The Army Cadet League of Canada (Ontario) knows how to direct your donation and the proper cadet can receive recognition. Click the link...